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WMD Information - PDF & HTML

Sedgwick Co. EMS Specific Files
·SCEMS WMD Week in Review Series

·SCEMS NBC Guidelines
·SCEMS Disaster Plan
·SCEMS Nuclear Blast Scenarios
·SCEMS EMS HSAS Guidelines
·SCEMD Sedgwick Co. HSAS Guidelines
·SCEMS 'Week in Review' Articles
·SCEMS "Bomb Medic" Training

Homeland Security Information
·The United States Constitution
·Emergency Preparedness Guidelines
·Domestic Preparedness Training
·FEMA Counter-Terrorism Guide
·FEMA HSAS - Fire & EMS Guide
·Emergency Response to Terrorism
Homeland Security Notification Service
·Top 120 Cities at Risk - US Map

Disaster Triage Manuals
·START Triage - Instruction Manual
·Triage Tag - Training Manual

Biological & Chemical Information
·Tx of Bio-Warfare Agent Casualties
·Common Bio-Warfare Agents
·Clinicians Bio-Terrorism Handbook
·Bio-Terrorism Infection Control
·Bio-Terrorism Therapy & Vaccine
·USAMRIID Bio-Treatment Handbook
·USAMRIID Medical NBC Battlebook
·USAMRICD Mgmt of Chem Casualties
·Field Mgmt of Chemical Casualties
·NBC Field Handbook - US Army
·NBC Protection - US Army
·NBC Decontamination - US Army
·NBC Field Training Exercise - US Army
·Medical Aspects of NBC
·Toxic Weapons - Handbook
·Toxic Weapons - Guide Book
·Emergency Response - Anthrax
·Osmium Tetroxide - Found in UK
·Chemical Agent Detection Device
·WMD / NBC Online Quiz
·Radiological & Bio-Chemical  Web Sites

Nerve Agent Information
·Nerve Agent Overview - Data Sheet
·Nerve Agent Overview - Sarin
·Emergency Response - Sarin
·Emergency Response - VX
·Nerve Agents - Pediatric Dosage
·Nerve Agents in Children - Guidelines
·Mark 1 Kit  -  Instruction Manual

Radiological & Nuclear Terrorism
·Medical Mgmt of Nuclear Terrorism
·Nuclear Detonation & Blast Effects
·10 KT Detonation & Blast Effects [note]
·Emergency Response - Nuclear
·Emergency Response - Radiological
·Non Nuclear Blast Effects
·Clinical Response to Nuclear Terrorism
·Nuclear Survival Manual

NBC Training - Web PowerPoint
·Chemical Warfare Mini-Course
·Nerve Agent Overview
·Cyanide Overview
·Vesicant Overview
·Pulmonary Agents
·Incapacitating Agents
·Triage & Field Management
·Bio-terrorism Overview
·Anthrax Overview
·Ricin Overview
·Clinical Response to Nuclear Terrorism
·Mark 1 Kit Administration
·START Triage
·Triage Tag Training Manual [note]

SC-EMS - Palm Programs
·WMD / Hazmat Palm Programs
·US Army FM 21 Survival Manual
·Bio Treatment Handbook Ver. 402
·NBC/WMD Treatment Guide
·Hazardous Material Codes [note]
·FEMA Counter-Terrorism Guide

Online Training
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Homeland Security

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